36 Penyakit Kritikal yang Dilindungi GE Takaful

36 Penyakit Kritikal yang Dilindungi GE Takaful

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera,

Terdapat 36 penyakit kritikal yang dilindungi dalam Great Eastern Takaful yang bakal dirungkai satu persatu iaitu:

1. Heart Attack

2 Terminal Illness

3. Stroke

4. Motor Neurone Disease

5. Heart By-Pass Surgery

6. Chronic Liver Disease

7. Cancer

8. Full Blown AIDS

9. Kidney Failure

10. HIV infection from Blood Transfusion

11. Fulminant Hepatitis

12. Encephalitis

13. Major Organ Transplant

14. Aplastic Anemia

15. Paralysis (Paraplegia Tetraplegia)

16. Poliomyelitis

17. Multiple Sclerosis

18. Coma

19. Pulmonary Hypertension

20. Accident Head Injury Resulting in Major Head Trauma

21. Blindness

22. Parkinson’s Disease

23. Heart Valve Surgery

24. Benign Brain Tumour

25. Major Burns

26. Chronic Lung Disease

27. Aorta Surgery

28. Brain Surgery

29. Loss of Speech

30. Bacterial Meningitis

31. Alzheimer’s Disease

32. Other Serious Coronary Artery Disease

33. Muscular Dystrophy

34. Appallic Syndrome

35. Deafness

36. Occupationally Acquired HIV Infection

Semoga ia bermanfaat untuk anda semua. ;)

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